Endorsed Pledge

Byron Community Ministries is an ACCESS pantry and ACCESS recently asked us to endorse a pledge they took that was created by the organization called The Hunger Gap. BCM whole heartedly endorses this 3-part pledge, which reads as follows:

* We envision a time when food banks measure success based on how many people no longer need assistance, rather than primarily on increased “neediness” or the pounds of food that have been moved in or out.;

*We envision a time when people who now see themselves as “recipients” will increasingly build capacity to determine their own futures; and

*We envision a time when low-income people, food banks, and community food leaders are effectively engaged in close collaboration to create long-term solutions to hunger that are local, regional, national and international. We will move toward this future by building a network culture of collaboration, innovation, learning and shared leadership.

Join us as we seek to help those in need, help themselves.

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