No Judgment Here

Last week an older gentleman who frequently stops by to “shoot the breeze” came into our building. As usual, he came into the Director’s office and sat down with a pleasant smile on his face. He proceeded to talk about his activities since the last time he’d come by. You know, grandchildren, church, his favorite TV show, and preparing for winter. Not too long into the conversation he became much more serious and said, “I have something I’ve been wanting to tell you now for quite some time. Let me explain.”  He then grew very serious and tears gathered in his eyes. I listened, waiting for what might follow. He shared how two decades ago he spent twelve years in prison- that he deeply regrets what took place and he exited the prison a changed man. He continued by saying, “I wanted to let you know about this, because I want to be the person I think you think I am.”  Pausing, only because I was to taken aback by his candidness, I replied, “You just made yourself extremely vulnerable. You didn’t have to do that. Thank you for trusting me.” He rose up, wiped a tear, and said, “That just feels better.”

We’re grateful for the opportunity to minister to a multitude of needs at Byron Ministries. We never know who is walking in the door or what they’re confronting, but we try to live out the saying of, “No judgment here.” At least for that good man and on that particular day, we succeeded.

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