We’re Here for You

If someone we care about has a heart attack or stroke, we’re quick to ask how they’re doing. We encourage them to see their doctor, make healthy choices, and cheer for any improvements they make as they get stronger. If someone we  know has an emotional issue or makes mention of seeing a counselor, we grow uneasy and are at a loss as to what to say (or not say). We may find ourselves avoiding them or most certainly, avoiding the topic of mental health or issues we might know that cause them stress. We never ask, “How are you doing?”

Why is this? Why don’t we feel comfortable with sharing on this level with those we care about?

Mental health deserves as much attention and care as our physical health. We prioritize our annual physicals and the importance knowing  our “numbers.”  Do we all know where we stand emotionally? Do we know what issues cause us stress and how to constructively manage them? There’s potential for the daily bumps to get us off track as they begin to pile up. We may find ourselves overwhelmed or exhausted. The treadmill of life just keeps running and at times we need a break. At times we just need a safe and non-judgmental place to vent; to gain some insight.

Byron Community Ministries offers FREE and subsidized Christian counseling at our facility. Evening hours are available. Schedule a conversation with one of our therapists and see where you stand and how you’re doing. We’re here for you and your family.

Call Alliance Counseling Group at 616- 222- 0631  or Byron Community Ministries at 878- 6000.

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