Take Your Time

It seems that so many of us are consumed with saving time, making the most of our time, and being time efficient. As I think about “time” in the Scriptures, I don’t recall a time where Jesus was in a hurry, where Jesus ran, asked what time it was, or where He cut someone short because of another appointment. In Luke 8 He was summoned to Jairus’ home to heal his daughter. She was deathly ill. Even still, Jesus didn’t rush to the scene. He calmly went to the home and healed the young girl. I have to believe there’s a message to us in this example– in all of Jesus’ examples.

Jesus took time to converse, to listen thoroughly and completely. He took time to observe a situation, to enjoy the company of those He was with. He lingered when He broke bread. He lingered in the garden. He lingered with the social misfits and criminals. He even lingered on the cross.

As we head into Fall and make new commitments, let’s be mindful of Jesus’ example. He had time. He took time. He made time. How is it that each one of us can do the same, being at peace and maintaining contentedness in spirit?

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