Byron Community Ministries Director Opening

Byron Community Ministry (BCM) is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Director to advance its mission. The successful candidate will be a strategic thinker with a passion for ministry. The candidate’s accomplishments will reflect a successful track record of servant leadership, consensus building, relationship development, and ministry growth. BCM is a Christian non-profit ministry; candidate must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and an active Christian commitment. This position is part-time, 24 hours a week. Click the link for the scope of the role and a job description.

Resumes are to be submitted to Donna Smith at by January 7, 2019.

Byron Cares

Byron Cares is a new initiative launched by Byron Community Ministries. You’ll be hearing more about this undertaking that is sure to make a positive impact in nearly every corner of our neighborhood! From THREE free counseling sessions for anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Byron Center and doesn’t have insurance, to reaching into our business sector and collaborating, to keeping our ear to the ground to make sure we stay relevant and effective, Byron Cares will prove to create energetic and responsive community outreaches.

Watch your mailboxes for more information. Ask questions! Come see us at Byron Ministries to know how YOU can get involved! We’re all in this together and together….Byron Cares.

Fall Activities

Fall, 2018 is just around the corner. Students and parents and teachers are preparing for the start of the new school year and sports teams and bands are practicing, practicing, practicing! There’s something about the Fall that makes even those of us without children at home yet, excited and anticipatory! It’s a time of beginning!

Byron Ministries’ Fall activities include our annual flu shot clinic. The date is set for Tuesday, Sept. 25 from 10 Am – 7 PM. No appointment is needed, just walk in. Donations are accepted.

Next, our Treasured Singles group has various events planned. Our Fall outings include a trip to Silver Lake to ride the sand dune scooters and to enjoy a lunch out together at the Golden Sands Golf Club near Silver Lake.  Cost is $30 per person plus your lunch expense. Call 878 – 6000 for more information. We’ll also have a movie night and game playing in-between-always a good time with the potential of friendship making!

Nov. 6 at Noon we’ll host our Senior Luncheon with a delicious meal catered from the Byron Family Restaurant. Cost is $5 per person. Call to reserve your place at this gathering ASAP!

Please keep in mind that we offer FREE counseling for anyone living, working, attending school or who worships in Byron Center. Fall may be the ideal time to sit back and evaluate, “How am I doing in my relationships? How do I feel emotionally or what events or situations are causing me stress or insomnia?”  Let’s not minimize our mental health status. Call to make an appointment.

878 – 6000 Ext. 10

We’ll be adding to our “activities list” and look forward to having you participate with us!

Take Your Time

It seems that so many of us are consumed with saving time, making the most of our time, and being time efficient. As I think about “time” in the Scriptures, I don’t recall a time where Jesus was in a hurry, where Jesus ran, asked what time it was, or where He cut someone short because of another appointment. In Luke 8 He was summoned to Jairus’ home to heal his daughter. She was deathly ill. Even still, Jesus didn’t rush to the scene. He calmly went to the home and healed the young girl. I have to believe there’s a message to us in this example– in all of Jesus’ examples.

Jesus took time to converse, to listen thoroughly and completely. He took time to observe a situation, to enjoy the company of those He was with. He lingered when He broke bread. He lingered in the garden. He lingered with the social misfits and criminals. He even lingered on the cross.

As we head into Fall and make new commitments, let’s be mindful of Jesus’ example. He had time. He took time. He made time. How is it that each one of us can do the same, being at peace and maintaining contentedness in spirit?

We’re Here for You

If someone we care about has a heart attack or stroke, we’re quick to ask how they’re doing. We encourage them to see their doctor, make healthy choices, and cheer for any improvements they make as they get stronger. If someone we  know has an emotional issue or makes mention of seeing a counselor, we grow uneasy and are at a loss as to what to say (or not say). We may find ourselves avoiding them or most certainly, avoiding the topic of mental health or issues we might know that cause them stress. We never ask, “How are you doing?”

Why is this? Why don’t we feel comfortable with sharing on this level with those we care about?

Mental health deserves as much attention and care as our physical health. We prioritize our annual physicals and the importance knowing  our “numbers.”  Do we all know where we stand emotionally? Do we know what issues cause us stress and how to constructively manage them? There’s potential for the daily bumps to get us off track as they begin to pile up. We may find ourselves overwhelmed or exhausted. The treadmill of life just keeps running and at times we need a break. At times we just need a safe and non-judgmental place to vent; to gain some insight.

Byron Community Ministries offers FREE and subsidized Christian counseling at our facility. Evening hours are available. Schedule a conversation with one of our therapists and see where you stand and how you’re doing. We’re here for you and your family.

Call Alliance Counseling Group at 616- 222- 0631  or Byron Community Ministries at 878- 6000.